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About Us

We are guided and inspired by our vision

At Harissa Communications, we strive to make the world better through sustainable innovation. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive, appropriate and integrated range of services that impacts organisational structure and growth positively. The core of what we do is the "idea" the idea that inspires and connects a brand with its audience-Thereby delivering superior value for our customers. The foundations of Harissa Communications were laid in 2011 to focus specifically on providing world class Business Development, Brand Management, Election Management, Strategic Social Media Marketing, Data Management, Geographic Information System (GIS), and International consultancy.

Our strategic focus - driving value creation

Today, Harissa Communications is a leading consulting company focused on improving our clients businesses and enabling better outcomes across the business continuum-- thereby creating value for our customers. We are a Businesses bringing innovations to market With our focus on delivering meaningful innovation, we serve both individuals and and businesses throughout the world in the areas of management system as it relates to Election, Brand, data and business. We are a leader in these areas in the way we have revolutionalised the practice in Nigeria with our creative and critical approach. We believe that successful brands must create communications that engage, and our resolve to constantly bring about a new way of engaging our clients and doing business with them has marked us out for success.

Supporting business creation through technological innovation

Guided by our understanding of the specific challenges businesses face, our innovation activities enable our businesses to create new business options through new technologies, new business creation, and intellectual property development.

Our management structure combines responsible leadership and independent supervision.

The Executive Committee operates under the chairmanship of the Chief Executive Officer and shares responsibility for the deployment of Harissa Communications' strategy and policies, and the achievement of its objectives and results.

Value-adding relationships with partners

We work closely together with our clients, supporting them in their efforts to improve their operational and sustainability performance. We also involve them at an early stage of the design process, to help us innovate quickly and fulfill our customers’ expectations